We've Tested Some of The Best Fitness Trackers/ Smartwatches For You.


Most of the top fitness trackers/ smartwatches can help you become more active, get more sleep, and gain a better understanding of your general health through their features. Like having a personal trainer that follows you around everywhere, keeping track of your steps, heart rate, and exercise levels. In addition, they may help you keep track of your progress and provide you advice on how hard you should push yourself to achieve your goals. Affordable fitness trackers/ smartwatches are available, and many of them include features like heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, sleep tracking, and even water-resistant.


Testing fitness trackers/ smartwatches involves wearing them all day and night to assess not just how much data they collect and how accurate it is, but also if they're comfortable enough. Over several days, we tested dozens of fitness trackers/ smartwatches on a variety of sports including sleeping in order to find out who excelled and who failed to get off the ground. When it comes to choosing a fitness tracker, comfort and style are equally crucial.


So, if you're seeking the greatest fitness tracker/ smartwatches available, keep reading. It’s worth doing your research before you take the plunge. Here we have reviewed and tested some of the top-rated picks that are available in the market. Our researchers have looked at price, product quality, ease of use, range, effectiveness and discounts, and compiled the top 5 choices below which you can safely buy to use for workouts and health monitoring.


Here are our Top 5 Picks for this year, with a full review of our top pick at the bottom of the page:

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Our Score

Key Features




Kore 2.0 (Updated)

Price: $69.99  $107.68 

Real-Time Health Metrics

IP67 Water-Resistant

Full-Color LCD Screen

Extremely Long Lasting Battery Life

Total 6 Workout Modes

Sleep Tracking Mode

Touch Screen Navigation

Compatible With IOS/Android/Windows



Price: $339.99

Intelligent Voice Assistant

Extremely Powerful Health Innovations

Always On Retina Display

Built-In Sports Modes With Apple Fitness

Highly Customizable

Crack & Dust Resistant



Samsung Galaxy Fit

Price: $99.99

Heart Rate Tracker


Decent Battery Life Up to 7 Days

6 Workout Modes

Sleep Tracking Mode

Automatic Activity Tracking

GPS Function Is Not Available



Amazfit GTS 2e

Price: $119.99

Intelligent Voice Assistant

Extended Battery Life

Built-In GPS

Built-In Sports Modes


Health Tracking

1.65-inch HD AMOLED Screen

Track Your Activity And Style With The Versatile MPG Premier Watch V3 - Packed With Features, Water Resistant And With A One-year Warranty

SUMMARY: MPG Premier Watch V3 has a its versatility and reliability for the active individual. The watch is designed to meet the needs of someone who is always on-the-go and wants a timepiece that can keep up with their active lifestyle. It features an LED display, a stainless steel case, a silicone band, and a digital quartz movement for accurate timekeeping. Additionally, it has a built-in sleep and activity tracker and customizable watch faces, making it a great investment for those looking for a reliable timepiece. It also comes with a water resistance up to 50 meters and a one-year warranty.

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My First Impression Of MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3!

To describe the background of how I first learned about the fitness tracker smartwatch and why I decided to purchase it. Discuss my initial goals and expectations for the device, and mention how I felt before starting to use it.

As soon as I unpacked my new MPG smartwatch, I was struck by its sleek and modern design. The vibrant touch screen display was a noticeable upgrade from my previous fitness tracker, and I was eager to see how it would perform. I strapped it onto my wrist and started exploring the features, from tracking my heart rate to monitoring my sleep patterns. I was impressed by the variety of customization options available and the ease with which I could access my data.

I was eager to put the watch to the test, so I headed out for a run. As I started tracking my workout, I was immediately impressed by the speed and accuracy of the GPS. The real-time tracking of my heart rate and pace was a game changer, and I felt empowered to push myself further. After my workout, I was pleased to see that the data captured by the watch matched up perfectly with my expectations. The MPG smartwatch exceeded my first impressions, and I was eager to continue using it to help me reach my fitness goals.

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Real Life Test & Result

I am eager to track my progress and attain accurate measurements, seeking out a reliable solution. After researching various options, I made the decision to invest in a top-of-the-line fitness tracker smartwatch.

With rigorous testing in mind, I took the watch for a spin during my latest workout routine. The results were impressive, as the watch accurately recorded distance, time, and heart rate with only minimal discrepancies. I was pleased with the precision of the device and now have the confidence to accurately track the progress toward my fitness goals.

MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3 Makes The Ideal Choice

The MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3 has some great features that make it the ideal choice for any watch enthusiast. It is a high-end watch with a modern design and top-notch materials. It is powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement, giving it reliable and accurate timekeeping. It also has a sapphire crystal display, giving it an extra level of durability. It is also water-resistant up to 5 ATM (50 meters), making it suitable for most activities. Finally, it also comes with a one-year warranty, giving you an extra layer of confidence when making your purchase.

What This Smartwatch Is For?

MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3 devices are equipped with features such as heart rate monitoring, step counting, GPS tracking, and many more. They allow users to track and monitor their exercise, sleep, and overall physical activity levels. This helps users to have a clear understanding of their fitness progress and make necessary adjustments to reach their fitness goals.

Fitness tracker smartwatches can also provide personalized guidance, coaching, and feedback. This can help users to stay motivated, and reach their fitness goals. They come with additional features such as calorie tracking, sleep tracking, and even offer guided workouts. This makes them an ideal choice for people of all fitness levels, from those who are just starting out and looking to improve their overall health and wellness to more experienced athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to optimize their performance and training.

In conclusion, fitness tracker smartwatches are designed for people who are interested in tracking their fitness and physical activity. These devices are equipped with a range of features that help users to track and monitor their exercise, sleep, and overall physical activity levels. They are suitable for people of all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and are a great way to stay motivated, reach fitness goals, and improve overall health and wellness.

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How it Works

Fitness trackers work by using sensors and technology to track and measure various aspects of your physical activity and overall health. The most common sensors used in fitness trackers include accelerometers, which measure movement and activity level, and heart rate monitors, which measure your heart rate.

When you wear a fitness tracker, it uses the data collected by these sensors to track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and other metrics related to your physical activity. Some fitness trackers also use GPS to track your location and monitor your outdoor activities, such as running or cycling. The device also can monitor your sleep pattern and give you a clear understanding of your sleep quality and duration.

In summary, fitness trackers use various sensors to track and measure various aspects of your physical activity and overall health. The device then analyzes the data collected and display it in an easy-to-understand format, which allows users to track their progress over time and see how their activity level changes. Some fitness trackers also provide personalized recommendations and feedback to help users improve their overall health and fitness.

Here's why people love MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3

The advantages of MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3 in fitness tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why buy from My Premium Gifts?

Q: Are you selling MPG Premier Watch 5.0 v3 in any other stores?

MPG Premier Watch 5.0 v3 is only available on mypremiumgifts.com and mpgpremier.com. It is not available in any other stores online. So please beware of counterfeited products.

Q: How to sync and use the MPG Premier Watch 5.0 v3?

Use a smartphone to scan the QR code provided in the user manual to download and install "GloryFit". It is also available to install via Google Play or Apple Store.

Q: What are the support languages for MPG Premier Watch 5.0 v3?

This smartwatch supports English, Russian, Indonesian, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean.

Q: How do I adjust the date and time of MPG Premier Watch 5.0 v3?

The date and time of this watch will automatically sync with your phone when you do the pairing. Please refer to the instruction manual or video provided above.

Q: What is the minimum requirement for pairing MPG Premier Watch 5.0 v3 to your phone?

Android 5.0 or above, IOS 9.0 or above

Our Verdict Of MPG PREMIER WATCH 5.0 V3

With MPG PREMIER WATCH 5.0 V3 you pay for quality. MPG PREMIER WATCH 5.0 V3 sells direct to consumers online and puts all their money into research and development, which means you get a superior product for a fraction of the price, compared to those big brands.

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Since the MPG PREMIER WATCH 5.0 V3 has become so popular, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find one. Not surprisingly, the manufacturer can't keep up with demand, especially now that a 50% discount is in action.

The multi-buy option is available as well, so you can get a couple of these smartwatches and gift them to family members or friends so you can all remain fit together.

Unfortunately, some of my friends have unknowingly purchased fraudulent imitation versions from firms attempting to capitalize on the success of the MPG PREMIER WATCH 5.0 V3. So make sure to order from their official website in order to get the real deal!

How Much Is It?

With comparable (less efficient) Smartwatch / Fitness Tracker costing between $80 - $300, you would think that the MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3! would cost at least as much...

But what would you think if I told you that the MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3! retails for $139.90 ? That's a lot less than you expected, isn't it?

But do you know what's even better than the already low retail price of $139.90 ? The promotional discount of 50%, with which you only pay $69.95!

That's really affordable for a brand new, smartwatch that can saves you a lot of money in long run.

Here’s how price breaks down when ordering online today:

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How Can It Be So Affordable?

Did you know that every well-known brand pays BILLIONS in advertising, retail stores and executive bonuses? Can you imagine who is paying for this? Yes, we, the customers...

With the MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3!, all of that falls away. The company only sells online, doesn't advertise on TV, and doesn't have a greedy CEO who demands absurd bonuses. They prefer to let the quality of their devices and all the positive reviews speak for themselves!

Where Can You Get An Original MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3?

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Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Yes, 100%. The worthiness of this product is a no-brainer. For those who think like me: spend $69.95 on this smartwatch once and get it done, or spend money on any expensive smartwatch. It’s one less thing you have to deal with in your life.

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The MPG Premier Watch 5.0 V3! makes a much better impression than all the other $300 smartwatch out there.

The icing on the cake, however, is the price. If it's still on sale for only $69.95, you should definitely grab it before it's all gone.

And in case you didn't know, I LOVE it! You certainly won't find a better smartwatch that's as inexpensive and effective.


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